Royal Market FAQ

Got a question about some aspect of Royal Market? The chances are it will be answered below, but if not feel free to submit a ticket after creating an account.

  • Buyers have 14 days to open a dispute for physical orders and 5 days for digital orders.

  • If you do not receive the product because there are delays, we recommend that you open the dispute in the last few days before the 14 days pass.

  • Buyer or Seller, while pressing the Dispute button, cancels all automation. From that time, we have a communication system ready for both sides.

  • The administration is aware of every dispute and has access to the communication between Buyer and Vendor.

  • The buyer can also close and finalize the Dispute unassisted, anytime while it is open.

  • Disputes require any vendor or buyer to respond within 3 days (72 hours). If the vendor or buyer does not respond, the dispute will be closed and, most likely, the moderator will decide in favor of the one active in the dispute.
  • You must have a valid reason for disputing. Reasons like 'I changed my mind', 'I misclicked', 'I didn't read the refund policy' will result in a rejected dispute.

  • If both parties cannot agree, Admin decides which side is a winning side.

  • Dispute decisions by staff are final. If you believe Staff has mistreated you or rulled incorrectly you can always create a ticket to members of Administration. While we cannot reverse the decision of that specific dispute, we can take a look into the staff member to ensure our high quality standards are met and applied fairly for everyone.

  • In case you suspect something, don't like something, or think that you were or are at risk of being scammed, you have the option to: report a vendor, report a buyer, report a listing, report a custom shop, report a support agent, report a bug or any type of problem. All you have to do is click on the Report button located in: each listing, each custom shop, each buyer profile, each seller profile, each support agent profile. Once you have clicked the Report button, please be very specified and include as much information as possible. Once the admin reads out the support he will either acccept it or reject it.

    Sales from other markets are counted and displayed into a vendor's listings. This is displayed as follows:
    Vendor (0) (0) - first (0) represents total sales on Royal Market, second (0) represents total sales on other markets. For example, if a vendor had 200 sales on Empire Market, 300 sales on Alphabay Market, 50 sales on DrugHub and 150 sales on SuperMarket, it will show as; Vendor (0) (700).

    As a vendor you can request stats are imported from Recon or DarkNetTrust by creating a support ticket and requesting it.

    The verified vendor tag is assigned automatically to vendors with more then 500 cumulative sales on other marketplaces.

    To avoid scams, all orders that are not marked as delivered by buyers will be completed manually by the Royal Market team after you request release.

    The release request button appears after 14 days for physical orders and 5 days for digital orders.

    Each order has its own timer displayed on the order details page, if you have not received the product, please start a dispute to stop the timer before the 14 days are up.

    This is set to $10. If purchasing multiple small items that are of lower value, you should first deposit to the market wallet instead of using direct pay.

    There is no need to worry, once the 3 hour timer is up, your funds will be automatically transfered into your market wallet balance. You can then choose to withdraw this or purchase something else with it. Your funds will never be lost.

    FE / Finalize Early is enabled only to trusted vendors with 3500+ sales on Royal Market or other markets.

    You must use the token given to you when your account was created. If you have lost the token received when creating the account, nothing can be done and we cannot reset either the password or the PIN. Staff cannot access this since it is encrypted for security reasons, so unfortunately we are unable to assist if you have lost this.