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Royal Market provides a safe and secure buying experience and can only be accessed using the Tor Browser.
This is free to download and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Official Onion Links:

IMPORTANT: Bookmark for future use. During DDOS attacks, new mirrors will be added here.

Introduction to Royal Market

Royal Market is one of the oldest and most well established darknet markets having been live since late 2020 with a selection of products exceeding 46,000. Wherever you live and whatever you need, you're guaranteed to find it on Royal Market. The likes of Dream Market, Empire Market, White House Market and AlphaBay have all come and gone, but Royal Market is here to stay. We offer the most advanced privacy and security features ever seen on the darknet and have had zero security breaches in our history, something which few markets (even large ones such as ASAP Market) cannot claim.

By offering Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment types unlike traditional fiat currencies, users are able to purchase goods safely and anonymously without their identities being revealed to the buyer or authorities.

Primary Market Link royaltwo4kjifjlexcws43ksldy2e3t5y5j7ztjfhepc27fpzrf4yoyd.onion
Number of Listings Over 46k and growing!
Online Since 02 Oct 2020
Payment Types Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR)
Fiat Currencies Supported USD, RUB, CNY, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP, CHF, SEK, TRY, HKD, JPY, INR, BRL, MXN
Checkout Methods Deposit to wallet or pay at checkout (direct pay)
Number of Vendors Over 1,400 and growing
Vendor Bond 1000 USD (waivers for vendors with over 500 verified sales)
Market Commission 8% (paid by vendor)
Other Features Security Code, PGP Two Factor Authentication, Forum, Livefeed, 24/7 Support

Product Categories





Market Rules

There are 9 simple rules that vendors are expected to follow on Royal Market:

1. No fentanyl

2. No weapons

3. No CP

4. No poisons

5. No hitman services

6. No sales are allowed within the russian territory or its partners

7. No DOXING, THREATENING or sharing sensitive information

8. Nothing that kills or harms any human being in any way

9. No Coronavirus vaccines / cures / pills / tests

Creating an Account

Royal Market has been coded from scratch with the intention of delivering the most intuitive and user-friendly experience possible. Visit one of the mirrors shown above, then select Register and enter your username, password and PIN. You may be prompted to complete an anti-ddos captcha. Simply pick the incorrect squares shown in the image provided. It only takes a matter of seconds and verifies you are in fact human.

Royal Market Registration

Once registered, save the security code provided. This will only be displayed once and is the only way to recover your account if you lose your password. Once this is done, you can now login.

IMPORTANT: Check that the onion URL in the captcha image matches the URL shown in your browser. If they do not match, exit and ensure you obtain a URL from

Royal Market Login

Navigating Royal Market

When you first login you'll see a friendly UI which features a menu bar / navigation bar at the top, and a list of categories on left, alongside key information such as currency exchange rates so you can see how much 1 BTC or 1 XMR will get you in your local currency. Tor2Door truly is a worldwide market supporting all of the world's major currencies including US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great British Pound and Euros.

Royal Market Home Page

After logging in you can easily search for products by hovering over the Products area at the top left of the screen, or alternatively you can perform a search using metrics such as keywords, shipping locations and category. You may also want to have a look at the featured listings which come from some of the largest and most reputable vendors on the platform. Whether you're new to the darknet or a veteran from markets past, we're confident you will find the interface very easy to use.

To view more information about a product, simply click on the listing. This will show you photos of the product, all the different quantity options, delivery options (if multiple available), accepted cryptocurrencies (most vendors accept both Bitcoin and Monero) and a detailed description of the product.

Royal Market Product

If a product has feedback from previous buyers, you can also see this at the bottom of the listing. Quality rate, Communicate rate and Shipping rate are all recorded, alongside any specific comments the buyer wished to leave.

Royal Market Feedback

Information about individual vendors is available by clicking on their name. This will provide information about their last login date, how long they have vended on Royal Market for, their trusted status, volume of orders and disputes, and trading history on other major markets from the past including Silk Road, AlphaBay, Dream Market and many others.

Royal Market Vendor

If you have a question for a vendor, you can also send them a message. Or alternative follow them to easily find them again and ensure you are kept up to date on any new products or special offers.

Need to exchange cryptocurrencies?

Want to pay in XMR but only have BTC? Have an alt coin such as Litecoin, Ethereum or Tether USD that you want to use? No problem, just use an anonymous exchange service. You can even choose the output address to be your Royal Market wallet address in order to save you time.

We recommend eXch since it is works on Tor and offers very fast exchanges with fees as low as 0.5%: hszyoqnysrl7lpyfms2o5xonhelz2qrz36zrogi2jhnzvpxdzbvzimqd.onion/

Ordering products on Royal Market

Purchasing a product on Royal Market couldn't be easier. From the product page, simply select your preferred cryptocurrency (BTC or XMR), the offer amount, shipping option and quantity from the product page, then click Add to Cart.

Royal Market lets you choose whether to first deposit fund to a market wallet, or pay directly at the checkout. It is entirely up to you which option to choose. If opting to deposit to a wallet, click the dollar($) sign from the navigation bar and select either Bitcoin or Monero depending on which option you wish to use then select Generate Bitcoin Address or Generate Monero Address.

Royal Market Wallet

If for any reason you deposit too much or you receive a refund and you wish to withdraw cryptocurrency in the future, you can do so from the wallet page, so it's worth familiarising yourself with it for piece of mind.

Deposits take a little time to be received so please be patient. You will see your deposit credited as soon as it reaches 2 confirmations for Bitcoin, or 10 confirmations for Monero. Make sure you send a sufficient transaction fee if paying with Bitcoin to ensure faster deposit time.

Once you've added all the items you want to purchase to your cart and deposited sufficient funds (if using the market wallet), click the cart icon near at the top right corner of the screen to go to proceed. You can then add your address if purchasing physical goods. This will be automatically PGP encrypted, but manual encryption is also welcome for added security.

Finally on the checkout screen you will see a summary of your purchase including a breakdown of the quantity, cost, payment method, shipping details and escrow type. You can choose whether to pay using your market balance (if you deposited to a wallet first, or have funds left over from a refund), or instead pay directly. Direct pay is simple. You'll be given a wallet address to send funds to, and once sufficient confirmations are received, the order will be received by the vendor.

Royal Market Checkout

Royal Forum

Royal Market features its own forum named Royal Forum with a highly active user base. Here you can discuss products, vendors, opsec, tutorials, general darknet events and even share funny stories. This can be accessed seamlessly using your market login. We highly recommend checking it out as an alternative to platforms such as Dread, The Hub and Libre Forum.

Royal Market Forum

Discussion of other darknet markets is also allowed on the forum, with dedicated areas for MGM Grand Market, Nexus Market, DrugHub, SuperMarket, GammaGoblin Store, Abacus Market and many more.


Royal Market has a unique feature called the Livefeed which gives real time updates on activities throughout the market and forum. This includes feedback left, forum comments, new vendors joining the platform, and any bans. A great feature for darknet enthusiasts to enjoy.

Royal Market Forum

We hope you will give Royal Market a try. We're confident once you do, you'll never want to use another darknet market again. We're determined to outlive every other darknet market and go down in history as the king of all darknet markets!